24 February 2006

Alright, ALRIGHT...

Well, I ran out of Snapple (not true), which I guess signals the end of Snapple Facts, and the return of me.... for now. As the good book says, for every end, there is a beginning... but I make no promises.


1.) The Olympics - Who cares? I'll stop and listen to anyone who can explain how a nation can go for four years without giving a rats ass about speed skating, only to suddenly awake and glue themselves to a TV set when "America's Best" take to the ice and skate... I'll really listen close if they can explain why they do all those things when they already know what's going to happen on the ice. I understand NBC has to protect their bottom line, but at their own peril. As for the dwindling ratings, all I can say is this-- if Ebersol manages to re-start the cold war, I think people would care less about American Idol and more about the Olympics. 'Till then, it's an overblown Madison Avenue parade.

2.) Andy's blog - Equally offensive.

3.) Sudoku - Ummm...

4.) Blogs and their corporate co-opting - No one told them they're just online journals, I guess.

5.) You never know true heartbreak until you wake up one morning and find yourself demoted from a friend's Top 8. It's like living Brokeback Myspace.

Happy Friday.


Blogger Andy said...

If you're going to refer to my blog in any sort of capacity, at least have the decency to link to it.

God bless. MC Hammer.

10:26 PM  
Blogger Robert said...

Wow, I really cut you deep with that whole "not in the top 8" thing, huh. I like to switch things up a bit. You'll find your way back in. [Insert obligatory "I wish I knew how to quit you" joke here]

3:04 PM  

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