20 September 2005

Nothing But Nothing...

There is nothing like a good friend telling you that your blog reminded him of a Peter King column to bring the inspiration like a mutha...

I promise I won't do this every time, but just because...

8 Things I Think I Think:

1. I think that Giants fans didn't quite understand the meaning of Saints home game last night at the Meadowlands. Snatch the soapbox away before I stand too long, but when the NY Yankees stormed towards the World Series in the post 9/11 world, it would have been un-American to utter a single boo. So, Saints WR Joe Horn hurts himself in the end zone and a neanderthal Giants fan (maybe redundant) screams out "Where's your cell phone now, p***y?!" Nothing funny about that peace, love and understanding. Typical New Yorkers; of course they're more important than anyone else.

2. I think that I have an irrational and unhealthy love for DIRECTV's NFL Sunday Ticket. Really, can the FDA please smack a warning on the ads for Sunday Ticket about talking to a doctor in case of heart palpatations and/or 6-hour erections?! Every game. Every Sunday. I mean, hell, if I wanted to watch the Cardinals vs. Rams (aka, the Abu Ghraib Game of the Week), I could, even if I didn't live in the .05% of the country receiving that game. However, I think I'll spend the time watching the Raiders accrue yellow flags like there's a famine coming, and all they can eat are... yellow flags. (Great).

3. I think that the Raiders need Bill Parcells.

3a. I think I would even take Vince Lombardi. Today.

4. I think that watching the White Sox slide into oblivion after having an unthinkably large lead over the AL Central is solace for watching another Cubs season go down the drain.

5. I think I was slightly disturbed reading an article about local residents on the Lower East Side's disappointment with "gentrification." I don't have a problem with mourning the loss of local flavor, and cheap eats. But one local resident was upset about gentrification because now he didn't see white people getting mugged anymore, and it was a safe neighbhorhood to walk at night. And I'd like to thank him for making me a fan of gentrification.

6. I think I can't wait for HBO's new Sunday Nights with Curb Your Enthusiasm, and organic American offering Extras from English funnyman Ricky Gervais. The way things are shaping up, I will have successfully atrophied my muscles by Monday morning...every week.

7. I think blogging is like exercising... if you don't do it for a while, it may take some time to get back into shape.. Mr. King, I apologize.

8. I think one of the things I'll never forget was the night I met Peter King, while working on a late night local TV sports show. It was the same night that Mets great, Tug McGraw, had died. After Peter's segment was over, he opted to watch the rest of the show in the control room, along with myself and the rest of the show's production staff. The show's final segment began with a taped piece tribute to Tug McGraw; and as the clips were rolling, I mused aloud, "He looks like he could have been Al Leiter's father." And Mr. King turned around to me and said "That is a great, great call!" Made my night. Great, great guy.

stay tuned for NFL picks later this week.


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