27 April 2005


I know this is the second time I've returned from a leave of absence. No haughty MJ references. No celebrations. Just a new template to get people excited, and we're back. It's that simple.

At "The Stadium" last night with my roommate, a rabid Red Sox fan. He really hates Yankee Stadium, the Yankees, the subway that takes you to Yankee Stadium, etc etc...but he continues to accompany me to Yankee Stadium, all the same... and odd things seem to happen whenever we go to games. It is as though he is the walking ghost of the Bambino himself. A quick example: Last April, we went to a game against the A's. The A's were white hot, the Yanks were ice cold. The papers were starting to bury them, Jeter was putting up Nomar '05 type numbers, and of course, the fans were booing them lustfully. Andy, the roommate, was gleeful at this golden opportunity: the chance to boo the Yankees and, at the same time, blend in as a Yankee fan. With the A's sitting atop a comfortable lead late in the game, Ken Macha, the A's manager, started making bizarre bullpen choices (we're talking Dusty Baker territory) and slowly but surely, the Yankees clawed their way back, and won the game as Yankee stadium erupted in what proved to be a cathartic win that snapped them right out of their funk. Andy had reversed their curse.

For Andy's 2005 encore, under similar settings, A-Rod hits 3 jacks, throws up 10 RBIs on the night, and the Yankees thump the Angels without mercy. Ken Macha must have been advising Mr. Scioscia last night... The Stay-Puft Marshmellow Man, aka Bart Colon, had already thrown 99 pitches, walked half the lineup, and gave up two bombs to A-Rod. Now, the bases are are loaded, there's a warm reliever in the 'pen, and A-Rod is up again... Any sane person pulls Colon. But since Andy was in the ballpark, Scioscia sits on his hands, and 'Rod puts another one in the seats for a grand slam, while, presumably, Michael Kay was foaming at the mouth screaming how A-Rod is the greatest player in the history of baseball.

And, I achieved my long-time goal of acquiring a Graig Nettles Yanks t-shirt. I laughed hysterically whenever I saw the street vendors selling this item.

"Folks, We got Rivera, Rodriguez, Jeet, Giambi, even Bernie... and... Nettles!"

Don't get me wrong, I know Graig (note: not Greg or Craig... Graig) was a great 70's Yankee. But you're telling me that Nettles is more worthy of a streetside T than Reggie? Mattingly? or even on the lower tier... Girardi? Coney? This just seems arbitrary.

Be back soon.